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There Is No Such Thing As Bad Weather

There Is No Such Thing As Bad Weather

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22x16 cm 

This book was published on the occasion of the exhibition There Is No Such Thing As Bad Weather at Le Bicolore at the Maison du Danemark in Paris. 

SUPERFLEX has been making work that engages with the ongoing climate crisis for the past thirty years. The works presented in this show illustrate three different ways of approaching climate change – the technocentric (faith in technological solutions), the anthropocentric (resignation and focus on human failure), and the ecocentric (imagining changes in living and thinking that results in greater ecological equality between species). 
This book contains interviews with scientists, thinkers, and an AI, as well as images of SUPERFLEX’s works Supergas, Flooded McDonald’s, As Close As We Get, and Vertical Migration.
Including interviews with Carsten Rahbek, Barbara Steiner, Shanee Stopnitzsky, and Anja Wagner.

Design by Rasmus Koch.