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Foreigners, Please Don't Leave Us Alone With The Danes!

Foreigners, Please Don't Leave Us Alone With The Danes!

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50x70 cm

In 2002, posters with the words “FOREIGNERS, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US ALONE WITH THE DANES!” were put up in the streets of Copenhagen as a comment on the increasingly reactionary immigration politics in Denmark. During the Danish EU Presidency in 2002, Denmark’s immigration policies also became a point of interest and discussion in the international press. 

Today, the poster has become embedded in the cultural consciousness of Denmark and can frequently be found in local restaurants, cafes, and living rooms. Thus, the original message behind the poster has since become subtextual: over the past decade, it has become a humorous cultural object of Danish self-deprecation. 

SUPERFLEX has reprinted and redistributed the posters, drawing attention to its evolution from an image of political protest to a form of branding, whose original message still resonates within a contemporary Danish political context. 

Graphic design by Rasmus Koch Studio.